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OWASP WebGoat v5.4 Web Hacking Simulation WalkThrough Series [Download all movies]

Lesson category titles (e.g., Unvalidated Parameters) may be dynamically changing per WebGoat new version. Please search your desired movies by lesson titles such as Command Injection, Stored XSS, Forced Browsing. We won't be modifying category titles in our movies in accordance with every new WebGoat version.
Tools and techniques used in our movies are not the only way to get through. There are many other alternatives to achieve the same goal. There are a few movies left intentionally. These are do-it-yourself exercises.

  1. Download WebGoat, WebScarab, Burp Suite, and YEHG's updated HackerFirefox and YEHG's JHijack.
  2. Check out and get Firefox addons used in demo movies.
  3. Should already learnt any unfamiliar concepts in W3Schools, W3c , Google, OWASP, and WASC.
    If you don't know what I'm showing, stop the movie and learn the concept. If you get stuck, post your questions via contact form at our home page.
  4. PHP Charset Encoder, CSRF Generators used in movies can be found at http://yehg.net/lab/#toolbox.
  5. Check out other movies which might reinforce your skills.
  6. Check out our collected web security bookmarks
  7. Report broken download links to 404 @ yehg.net
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